Journey of a Plastic Bottle

We have created this video in order to inform people about plastic bottles and effect on the planet. We would appreciate if you would take the time to watch the video and learn about how plastic will continue to make an imprint on the earth.

I created this video because I wanted to share about the harm plastic can cause in our world. It is important to be aware of the amount of plastic used around the world as well as to know what plastic is made of. Many people do not know about how much plastic is produced and used, as well as how long the plastic takes to decompose. Plastic takes hundreds of years to breakdown and decompose into the ocean.

In the video I explained what plastic is made of, including the effects of the dangerous polymer PET. Although I explained PET and it’s harm in another video, I ill summarize it as a tough polymer which aggregates, or breaks down into smaller pieces instead of decomposing. along with PET, I also explained the vast amount of plastic which exists in the ocean as well as other waste in the rest of the world. Plastic amounts continue to double by the decade.

Plastic Usage Around the World

Plastic is dumped into the ocean from every continent of the world. This plastic is not evenly disposed of. Certain countries dispose much more waste into the oceans than others. The majority of the plastic in the oceans within in recent year has come from multiple countries in Asia. The largest contributor to plastic disposal in the oceans is China by far. They mismanage nearly 8.80 million metric tons of plastic waste in a single year alone (2010). This statistic is only including plastic waste while much more other forms of waste are also dumped.

 A total of 3.2 million metric tons of mismanaged plastic waste came from Indonesia and it is estimated that 1.29 million metric tons became plastic marine debris. The United States is also guilty of polluting oceans with plastic, but at a much lower level than China. Annually, 0.11 million metric tons of waterborne plastic garbage comes from the United States. 

Niall McCarthy

Plastic has become such a necessity in every life that it is produced, used, and tossed, in every single human populated country on the earth. Many other countries beside China dump a massive amount of plastic into the oceans each year (but on a much smaller scale than China).


How Plastic Hurts Animals :(

Plastic waste kills up to a million seabirds a year. As with sea turtles, when seabirds ingest plastic, it takes up room in their stomachs, sometimes causing starvation. Many seabirds are found dead with their stomachs full of this waste. Scientists estimate that 60 percent of all seabird species have eaten pieces of plastic, a figure they predict will rise to 99 percent by 2050.

Simon Reddy

Dead bird

Plastic in the ocean is becoming a massive threat to the thousands of species of animals in our oceans as well as other creatures such as birds and even humans. It hard to think that more birds have plastic in them than not.