Journey of a Plastic Bottle

We have created this video in order to inform people about plastic bottles and effect on the planet. We would appreciate if you would take the time to watch the video and learn about how plastic will continue to make an imprint on the earth.

I created this video because I wanted to share about the harm plastic can cause in our world. It is important to be aware of the amount of plastic used around the world as well as to know what plastic is made of. Many people do not know about how much plastic is produced and used, as well as how long the plastic takes to decompose. Plastic takes hundreds of years to breakdown and decompose into the ocean.

In the video I explained what plastic is made of, including the effects of the dangerous polymer PET. Although I explained PET and it’s harm in another video, I ill summarize it as a tough polymer which aggregates, or breaks down into smaller pieces instead of decomposing. along with PET, I also explained the vast amount of plastic which exists in the ocean as well as other waste in the rest of the world. Plastic amounts continue to double by the decade.

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