How plastics are made

Plastic makes up multiple products that we use everyday. Plastics are used for bottles, computers, phones, bags, pens, etc. But where do they come from exactly? As in what is used to make plastic? Well there are multiple sources of plastic.

Plastics come from natural gasses, coal, minerals, and different kinds of plants. The rubber that comes from trees is actually made of plastic. However, most of today’s plastics come from the hydrocarbons found in oil or coal. Plastic is composed molecules of polymers that were all linked together.

If we know that oil is being used to make plastic, we could try to limit the use of oil used to make plastic. Oil itself is limited because it is a finite resource. If we run out of oil and other natural gasses, we won’t have anything to make plastic. So it might be easy to convince companies to use less oil for plastic as at one point it will all run out eventually.

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